Wood pallets and more

Wood, plastic, metal, or corrugated pallets to meet your specific needs. 


Addoco can provide you with quality wood pallets that will withstand the rigors of shipping.

Allow us to help you choose the proper pallet to ensure the safe delivery of your product.

Each of our wood pallets is manufactured on one of our state of the art Viking Turbo 505 or 606 Nailing Systems.  Our GBN Patriot builds block & stringer pallets and our GAP nailing system is great for short runs.  For those specialty “custom” pallets, our versatile manual nailers can build all sizes. 

Cheap wood pallets can cause your product to be damaged during shipping or storing. This is why we use quality hardwoods. 


Our wood pallets come in a variety of sizes and can be used for a number of products. What type of product you are using a pallet for can often determine what type of wood and size you'll need. 

While Addoco can custom design and build any type of wood pallet, we can also supply our customers with plastic, metal or corrugated pallets.

At Addoco we also put to use any old and discarded wood pallets through our pallet recycling program.